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What specifically is under consideration for Haaspoort ?

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Haaspoort situated 10 minutes from and near Kleinpoort in the Eastern Cape of South Africa

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The Eastern Cape fast becoming a safari and eco-tourism paradise where you can see the Big 5 and now lately the Big 7 rather and not get Malaria since the Anopheles mosquitoes does not survive here .

Offered here are opportunities for individual properties available here and or Sectional titles or RCI styled Resorts Condominiums , with its perfect spring summer and autumn weather ,weather to die for at the vicinity of Blaauwbosch Private Game Reserve and Haaspoort Private bush camp.

Images of Blaauwbosch and surrounds by a lady who has visited recently can be seen at this blog

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This area is a traditionally used as crossbow and bow hunting area and photographic safaris area where big game hunters can hunt some animals often not found on the usual lists of animals conservation efforts though seem to be moving towards no or less shooting or very selective shooting.

Situated 1 and 1/2 hours from Port Elizabeth and strategically between Jansenville and the intersection via Steytlerville, which incidentally has a derelict airfield , over the concrete road to Willowmore connects the Route 62 over Noorspoort and Baroe to the R75 between Graaff reinet and Port Elizabeth

Haaspoort has spectacular views of Cockscomb Mountain Peak,the haunt of the Cape vulture and lammergeiers occasionally ,the peak situated at the base of which is a stunning gorge on the Grootriver at Sandvlakte(colloquial terms for “Sandy Flats”) , & easy 4X 4 access to Kouga Dam , Cambria Baviaanskloof and Gamtoes River Valley citrus growing area and also is not very far from Glen Connor and Sap Kamma Kirkwood's Sundays River valley Citrus growing area.

Biographically and eco-tourism conservation orientated and wisely set amongst the western extremities of GreaterAddo national Park and Eastern Extremities of Baviaanskloof Mega reserve area and planning areas of both as done by Nelson Mandela Bay University Terrestrial Ecosystems Program

Haaspoort ,situated a mere 15 kilometers away,as the crow flies, from Lake Darlington formerly know as Lake Mentz this are is opportune to be developed into a irrigation projects with flood and drought mitigation aspects to it .

This locality is set in a Karroo area thus semi desert region of the Eastern Cape it also is a transitional area from valley bush veld also known as Albany subtropical thicket and Eastern Cape grasslands regions of southern Africa.

Conservation of Aloe springbokvlaktensis and Euphoria esculenta ,Euphorbia caput medusae and others (Vingerpol & Noors )and Haworthia species and other species of succulent like “vygies” drosanthemun and other species spectacular when in spring flower

Unique endemic avian life fauna and flora are key assets of this area as well as specialized conservation efforts to secure the vistas.

What is planned for or under study & review for this area and under consideration:

Flamingo (species Lesser flamingo ) breeding “wetland” area which would be man made,(making it the 4th African breeding site and second man made one in sub Saharan Africa), and semi permanent as it currently occurs only on a seasonal basis that Flamingos nest and feed in this area. Also see the Birdatlas !

Man made reservoirs to secure infiltration of excess irrigation water and flood or drought mitigation measures from Orange River Greater fish Sundays Scheme to be used to fill carstz.

The later two proposals are subjected to a lengthy EIA ,i.e. Environmental Impact Assessment Process

Approximately 50 kilometer water pipelines to feed Steytlerville and possibly Willowmore municipal areas as drought relief or permanent measures to at minimum supply and top up water supply to man and livestock and possibly further enable and utilize arable lands in the desert area but retention of suitable ares for conservation and livestock and game farming.

What specifically is under consideration for Haaspoort.

On a property of 2500 hectares 150 hectares is set to and aside for a development and is proposed to be combined with 300 hectares of neighbors lands in a to be undertaken consortium arrangement to facilitate the below mentioned since the landscape and socio economic factors lends itself to inclusion of neighbours .

Waterfront Properties on edge of proposed new infiltration reservoirs.

Olive, castanea -chestnuts and grape orchards based on bio-dynamic and organic principles of cultivation.

Wind farm village at Wolvefontein and/or Kleinpoort railroad station towns that have become derelict and facilitate rail links to existing eco- tourism routes to Eastern Cape .

Eco village and golf estate on Farm Haaspoort 96 and adjacent land owners

Long haul overlands overnight camping areas

Commencement of Maximum Luxury accommodation and conference center facilities to include language and botanical tours schools facilities.

Such luxury accommodation may include structures perched on cliffs to modeled on lines of architectural award winners of design similar to and ideal for the site as are visible at Singita Lodges Singita Lebombo and Singita Sweni and include health and beauty spa ,hospitalization and frail care facilities.

As part of social responsibilities initiatives it si suggested to have the entire development based on a petro-chemical and oil free basis and totally energy efficient and indeed as a working model and demonstration and ongoing learning facility and community.

The project proponents,as land owners and other current land owners deem themselves regardless of having a minimum shareholding in eventual company that would probably result form the development as critical members of the core & the development team

Other offers by John M Riggs:


Rural land costs range from ZAR (South African Rand ) 2000 per hectare (one hectare is two rugby /football fields) expensive rural land only is ZAR 35 000

High value alluvial valley irrigation land scheduled for weekly water is ZAR 30 ooo to 40 000 per hectare

Cheapest cost to build per square meter: ZAR 4 000

Average overall building cost in most cities ZAR 6 500

Highest (example on a steep slope with the most expensive finishes ) ZAR 30 000

Cheapest average cost of a bathroom renovation as a total make over ZAR 19 000

Highest cost of a bathroom renovation as a total make over : ZAR 100 000

Comparatively speaking World average building costs of new dwellings are equivalent to ZAR 60 000 or approximately 6 000 Euros


A single US $ is ZAR +/- 10

A single POUND STERLING is ZAR +/- 17

A single EU Euro is ZAR +/- 12

You work it out !


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  2. Koedoeskop is situated about 200km from Port Elizabeth via the R75 main road which leads to Graaff Reinet, but by turning right onto the R400 gravel road at a point approximately 22 km before Jansenville.

    1.2 Climate and environmental characteristics

    1.2.1 Climate

    The climate of the entire Jansenville, Pearston and Somerset East districts can be classified as semi-arid. These districts are characterized by hot summer months and mild winter months. The dominant wind is west/south west and is normally more pronounced towards the later part of winter and early spring. Late fall towards early winter is usually a period of relative calm as far as winds are concerned.

    1.2.2 Temperature

    The average summer day temperatures are around thirty degrees while the average winter temperatures are around 18 degrees Celsius. The highest summer temperature recorded in the area was about 48 degrees Celsius while the lowest temperature was around -3 degrees Celsius.

    1.2.3 Rainfall

    According to the figures obtained from the Jansenville experimental farm the average rainfall as calculated over the last 42 years is around 275 mm per annum. Rainfall will vary from thunderstorms in summer to rain accompanied by cold fronts in the winter, without any discernable pattern regarding quantity per type.

    3. Water supply

    The water supply is mainly from sub terrain sources in the form of boreholes, equipped with windmills or solar / electrically driven pumps. In total there are thirteen boreholes on the property, four of which are fitted with windmills and another two with solar pumps, all supplying water to the game animals on the farm.

    Numerous earth dams can be found on the property, also providing a natural source of drinking water to the animals.

    A fitted borehole provides water to the farmstead and the area under irrigation. Average depth of the water table is 15 meters and sustainable water delivery per borehole varies between 2000 and 10 000 liters per hour. The Voëlriver runs through the farm for several kilometers and numerous permanent waterholes can be found all along the riverbed. This serves as natural drinking water for the game animals and the artificial water points are all located in areas far removed from the river. Even during times of drought some of these waterholes do not dry up, although the salt content will increase. Even under those circumstances the water is drinkable by the game animals.

    4. Livestock /Game handling infrastructure

    Due to the fact that this property was under conservation for about the last 20 years, no livestock handling facilities are to be found on the property. All livestock handling facilities and internal fences in the game area, barring the fence that restricts the rhino to a certain part of the farm, have been removed. A good road infrastructure allows vehicular access to even the remotest parts of the property.

    In the general area of the homestead an area of about five hectares have been developed and put under irrigation. This area is fenced off to prevent game animals entering or exiting this area when the gates are closed. At one end holding pens and a loading ramp were built to capture game for sale on live auctions or to offload purchased game in this enclosed and safe area until it has acclimatized.

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